Lemons or Champagne

A Koenigsegg Jesko caught fire during the recent 6to6 Motor Europe Tour in Greece.

The incident occurred five minutes into the drive, starting from a luxury hotel in Athens.

The fire happened while the car was travelling at low speed.

Both the driver and passenger escaped without injury.

The Jesko was a new model with only 124 miles on the odometer.

It featured a 5.1-litre V8 engine, producing up to 1,578 horsepower with E85 fuel.

The car included a $443,400 unpainted carbon fibre package and 24-carat gold trim accents.

Koenigsegg ruled out the fuel tank, engine oil, and gearbox oil system as causes.

The fire was attributed to a compromised hydraulic hose, which leaked fluid and ignited.

Engineers from Koenigsegg travelled from Sweden to Greece to retrieve the car.

Koenigsegg shipped the motor car to the Angelholm factory for a detailed investigation.

Koenigsegg released findings confirming the hydraulic system failure as the cause.

A Do-Not-Drive order was issued to all Jesko owners.

Koenigsegg is inspecting all Jeskos for defects in hydraulic hose installation.

The company is developing a software update to detect and shut down the hydraulic system in case of a pressure drop or leak.

The incident occurred during a heat wave, with temperatures in Athens exceeding 35°C (95°F).

The Jesko was among only 125 models, with a production run of 40 to 50 cars per year.

The car’s estimated value was $4 million, making the loss significant despite insurance coverage.

Christian von Koenigsegg issued an Official Statement.

The final paragraph:

‘We are also incredibly grateful to the owner of the car in Greece for giving us his continued support and that we will be able to supply him with a new car so he can continue his Koenigsegg journey.’

‘When life gives you lemons, PR departments will convince everyone it’s champagne.’