The Democratised Supercar

Lee Rosario is an Orlando-based designer who created the striking H6 Julietta hypercar concept. However, he has proposed an ‘Open-Source Car Building’ approach over and above his design. This means that Lee would make the basic 3D printable CAD design files for the car’s body freely available to anyone. Thereby allowing individuals to build their […]

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Madness & Luck

‘Driving in the Monte Carlo GP is like riding a bike around your living room.’– Nelson Piquet. As F1 cars are even more extensive in size, it is clear they have outgrown the famous streets. Monaco has so much history, but, alas, everything evolves. Making drastic changes to the circuit would be hugely expensive and

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Moses and the Lion

John Michael ‘Mike’ Hawthorn, born on April 10, 1929, in Mexborough, Yorkshire, was one of Britain’s most celebrated racing drivers of the 1950s. In 1958, Mike Hawthorn became the first British driver to win the Formula One World Championship. Hawthorn’s partnership with Scuderia Ferrari was legendary. He drove for the Italian team from 1953 to

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Wilfredo’s Arrogance

Wilfredo Ricart was a former design director for Alfa Romeo between 1936 and 45, a man who frequently clashed with Enzo Ferrari. Wilfredo decided to join ENASA in 1946 ENASA was a Spanish vehicle manufacturer established in 1946 and acquired Hispano-Suiza and Fiat assets in Spain. Its primary production focused on trucks, buses, and military

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F1 Gossip

Canadian GPDate: Sunday, 9 June, 2024Track: Circuit Gilles Villeneuve ♖ Valtteri Bottas has emerged as a strong contender to join Haas for the 2025 F1 season. ♖ Mercedes reportedly told Carlos Sainz that he will not be their replacement for Lewis Hamilton. ♖ Alpine announced that it will part ways with driver Esteban Ocon at

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The Second Leaving

Red Bull played a crucial role in encouraging Aston Martin to involve Adrian Newey in the design of the Valkyrie. Red Bull and Aston Martin already had a strategic partnership, with Aston Martin as a title sponsor for Red Bull Racing. Red Bull explained the reason: Adrian’s unparalleled aerodynamics and vehicle design expertise make him

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No Credit for Peter

Peter Monteverdi was a Swiss Ferrari dealer based in Binningen. Monteverdi’s dealership was one of the few exclusive Ferrari dealerships in Switzerland. As part of his dealership operations, Monteverdi sought to expand his business and requested credit from Enzo Ferrari to facilitate this growth. Enzo Ferrari refused to extend the credit requested to Monteverdi; in

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