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Finance for High
Performance, Luxury
and Supercars

How we can help

We can introduce you to a number of specialist lenders that will look at high-value vehicles between £25k to £5m.

High Performance and Luxury motor car finance generally offer lower rates and easier financing.

Very often, High Net Worth Individuals choose to fund their cars because it provides flexibility and doesn’t tie up large amounts of capital. This allows them to make greater returns on their money than the interest charged.

Some clients use specialist motor finance to buy a Supercar that they feel might become a future classic. With the correctly calculated final balloon payment the client can avoid any shocking depreciation or hold on to a rapidly appreciating asset.

For High Net Worth Individuals and those requiring a more tailored approach to funding. an in-depth knowledge of the true residual value of the motor car to be financed is required. Additionally, the ability to maximise the benefits of the more complex opportunities provided with such financing.

For example:

Equity Release
Buying a motor car from an individual or collector
Credit Line Finance
Pre-approved Credit-line (e.g.purchase at Auction)
Funding Packages with Payment Holiday
Interest-only Lending
Structured Loans (e.g. allowing repayments to match bonus payments)
Financing Potential Investment Opportunities
Multiple Car Purchases
Variable Interest Rate

This type of financing is outside of the realms of conventional lenders. Specialist lending houses take a holistic approach when assessing the requirement. They will take into account a much broader view, beyond just looking at a balance sheet.

All discussions are between you and the finance provider, your privacy is always respected.

Simply e-mail us and we will arrange the necessary introduction.

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