What We Do

Cars are not just a means of Transport, but Cultural Artifacts. Objects of Desire, Icons of Design and Works of Art.


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Our Guidance

Fisherley arose from a passion for classic and modern classic motor cars, Formula 1 and modern icons and their stories with them.

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Our Expertise

Fisherley does not sell motor cars; it writes about them. If further information regarding a potential purchase is required, we will provide you with the necessary introduction.


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Our Objectivity

Fisherley is entirely independent and not associated with any particular supplier or dealer group, which means that you receive entirely impartial information.

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Fisherley never has an investment interest in any motor car it writes or comments on.

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Fisherley does not collect money.

Any resultant purchase is between you and the vendor.

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Any referral fee paid to Fisherley is from the vendor.

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Members undertake that any information or introductions provided shall not disadvantage Fisherley.

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Although the service is free to members, Fisherley does require respect for the integrity and confidentiality of the information provided. Non-members are not entitled to such information.