The God of Vengeance

‘Proof that Portugal doesn’t just do amazing wine—they do adrenaline on four wheels too.’

An audacious auto startup, Adamastor, has launched the Furia to take on Europe’s elite automotive brands.

The Furia’s debut comes when the world’s appetite for supercars surges, driven by increasing wealth and a thirst for exclusivity and performance.

The Adamastor Furia marks Portugal’s bold entry into the high-stakes supercar arena.

With only 60 units planned, this limited-edition supercar underscores Portuguese engineering and design brilliance, catering to the luxury market.

Adamastor employs cutting-edge technologies like CNC machining, 3D printing, and carbon fibre production to craft the Furia.

Partnering with Creodynamics, Canopy, and Altair, Adamastor leverages top-notch expertise in carbon fibre components, advanced tech, and quality assurance.

Powered by a Ford Performance V6 twin-turbo engine, the Furia generates over 650 horsepower and delivers exceptional performance.

Despite its smaller engine than some supercars, its 2,450-pound weight makes its power output incredibly impressive.

The Furia’s Venturi effect floor boosts aerodynamic efficiency, generating over 2,200 pounds of downforce at 155 mph, ensuring minimal air resistance.

Adamastor aims to rival high-performance giants like Koenigsegg and Rimac.

Priced at an estimated €1.6 million plus taxes, the road-legal Furia positions itself firmly in the ultra-luxury supercar category.

‘Furia’ translates from Portuguese to English as ‘Fury.’

In mythology, the Furies are the gods of vengeance.

They were known for their relentless pursuit and punishment of wrongdoers.

Let other Hypercar makers beware.