Peacock or Pigeon

Founded in 1968 by Susumu Mitsuoka in Toyama, Japan.

Initially, Mitsuoka was a small car dealership before transitioning to manufacturing in the 1980s.

Renowned for retro-inspired designs blending classic car aesthetics with modern engineering.

The designs are influenced heavily by British classic cars, resulting in distinctive and nostalgic looks.

Mitsuoka Orochi: A sports car known for its unique and controversial design.

Mitsuoka Viewt: Styled after the classic Jaguar Mark 2, based on the Nissan March/Micra.

Mitsuoka Himiko: A roadster with 1930s Morgan car design cues, built on the Mazda MX-5 Miata platform.

Mitsuoka Galue: Luxurious, retro-inspired design with elements resembling Bentley R-Type and Cadillac Fleetwood (reference article picture).

Mitsuoka is recognised for handcrafted elements and extensive customisation options. Each vehicle is built to order, ensuring exclusivity and attention to detail.

Produces around 500 units annually, focusing on handcrafted, highly customised vehicles.

Primarily caters to the Japanese market but has expanded to international markets, including the UK and Europe.

The Mitsuoka Viewt is particularly popular among classic car enthusiasts in these regions.

The Mitsuoka marque incorporates modern technologies and safety features despite retro looks.

It blends classic design with modern functionality, making these cars unique.

It aims to bring joy and excitement through distinctively styled vehicles.

Their Slogan: ‘Make it Different, reflecting its commitment to uniqueness.

Pop Culture Presence: It has been featured in various movies, TV shows, and video games, enhancing its iconic status.

Not surprisingly, Mitsuoka has received various design awards and accolades for its innovative car manufacturing approach.

‘In a world of look-alikes, Mitsuoka ensures your car stands out like a peacock in a flock of pigeons.’