Where’s the Dagger (Information Wanted)

In 2010, TranStar Racing planned to build the most menacing hypercar imagined.

The intention was to build five only; evidently, three were presold.

TranStar was founded by Craig Miller, an American based in Pompano Beach, Florida.

He assembled a team of very experienced people: an ex-NASA aerodynamics expert and a designer who worked on the Le Mans-winning Saleen S7.

Miller had one burning ambition, ‘to produce the most extreme, fastest, and the best hypercar on the face of the Earth.’

The intention was to build three variations: a very high-performance, mildly tuned, and ultra-luxurious.

As for performance, its sleek design allowed a drag coefficient of 0.3, and a Chevvy 572 twin supercharged V8 big block engine that produced 2,000hp.

The engine was multi-fuel, meaning you could use petrol, methanol, hydrogen,
or ethanol.

If that wasn’t enough power, Craig Miller recommended you use 118-octane racing fuel for the absolute best performance.

The construction was very light so that the Dagger would have had the best power-to-weight ratio of any car.

Hitting 60mph in 1.5 seconds.

In addition, a 3,000hp version was planned, capable of 350mph and 0-60 in 1 second.

The last information indicates the business became bankrupt, and Craig Miller had died.

More up-to-date information would be greatly appreciated.

Sadly, no rewards will be given.