Where Speed meets Stout

Guinness, the famous Irish Stout, and Formula 1, the pinnacle of motorsport, may not seem like usual bedfellows. However, there are some interesting connections.

In the same way F1 has produced many memorable races, Guinness has its own memorable, iconic advertising campaigns.

Both create lasting memories for fans alike.
F1 and Guinness hold cultural significance; they represent elements of tradition, excitement and camaraderie.

One of the most iconic Formula One cars, and certainly the most ‘Irish’ one, the Guinness/Rizla liveried March 811 in 1981.

A Guinness commercial featuring Formula 1 driver Ayrton Senna aired in the 1990s.

Both Guinness and Formula 1 are internationally recognised brands with a global reach.

And let’s not forget the famous Guinness Book of Records.

The former Formula 1 driver, Jenson Button, set a Guinness World Record for striking 58 lights on a Batak board in just 30 seconds, demonstrating his lightning-fast reflexes.

Max Verstappen achieved Guinness World Records titles, being the youngest driver to finish and win a Formula One World Championship race.

Guinness World Records officially certified McLaren for completing the fastest-ever Formula 1 pit stop during the Qatar Grand Prix.

Life is too short for bad beer and slow cars.

The only thing faster than a Formula One car is how quickly a pint of Guinness disappears.