The Uneven Red Triangle

Having come to terms with the recent shock announcement of Mr Hamilton driving for the Prancing Horse, a brief look at the fall-out may be interesting.

This unexpected move comes as Lewis activated an exit clause in his two-year Mercedes deal, which he signed just last August.

His move will likely see ticket prices and sponsorship premiums increase across F1.

Lewis Hamilton’s move to Ferrari is a ‘perfect match’ for the pair, according to Murray Barnett, F1’s former head of global sponsorship and commercial partnerships.

However, Lewis Hamilton’s intended move to Ferrari blindsided Charles Leclerc and his management.

Ferrari’s future pairing does offer up an interesting dynamic.

Initial reports in the Italian press had claimed that Leclerc knew about the Hamilton talks and ‘welcomed’ the chance to test himself against Formula 1’s most successful driver.

Corriere dello Sport reports that Leclerc and his management ‘were shocked and disappointed by Ferrari’s decision’.

Leclerc and Co ‘had no idea what was about to happen’ when he signed his contract extension with an undefined expiration.

As to Carlos Sainz, he was the only non-Red Bull driver to win a race last season.

First and foremost, Carlos must perform exceptionally well this season to ensure a seat for the 2025 season.

Carlos Sainz Sr, a two-time WRC winner, led the Audi RS Q e-tron to Dakar victory.

The family ties with Audi are very close; this could be a perfect partnership, given Audi’s F1 plans.

Mr Sainz Sr. said, ‘As you would expect at Carlos’ place, with me being part of the Audi family, it’s logical that we talk and exchange views on what the Audi team can be in the future.’

The possibilities for Carlos: Mercedes? Red Bull? Audi in 2026?

In conclusion, for Lewis Hamilton to say he won a race, let alone a championship, for Ferrari would rank among his finest achievements.

To follow in the footsteps of Ascari, Fangio, Surtees, Lauda, Villeneuve, Mansell, Prost, and Schumacher would be a dream come true.

There is a heritage and legacy at Ferrari that is burned deep into the soul of every motorsport fan.

Oh, and by the way, as to the power of the Lewis Hamilton Brand, Ferrari’s share price jumped significantly; his news is worth $7 billion.