The Superstitious Mr Ascari

Born into Racing: He was born into a racing family on 13 July 1918 in Milan, Italy. His father, Antonio Ascari, was a famous racing driver.

Unique achievements marked his racing career. 

Before making his mark in Formula One, he had already tasted success in motorcycle racing and had participated in the prestigious Mille Miglia.

He was meticulous about car safety, which was unusual for his time.

Both he and his father died at age 36, on the 26th of the month, in tragic circumstances. 

Alberto died on 26 May 1955 during a test session at Monza, four days after a crash at the Monaco Grand Prix.

He was a very superstitious man:

♖ He always wore a light blue helmet, which was considered his lucky charm.

♖ He wore a specific shirt under his racing suit for luck.

♖ He preferred even numbers and was very uneasy about odd-numbered cars.

♖ He had strict pre-race routines; if disrupted, it unsettled him.

♖ He regularly wore a favourite pair of racing gloves and became very anxious if lost.

♖ He carried certain items like specific socks or a handkerchief for good luck.

♖ He thoroughly inspected his car before each race for luck and safety.

♖ He had preferences for certain race numbers, but he was uneasy with numbers he disliked.

♖ He made his mechanic put a spanner in a particular place.

Niki Lauda once said, ‘There’s no place for superstition in racing. Except for my lucky cap. That’s different.’