The new Lamborghini Reckless

Lamborghini Temerario, or Lamborghini 634, is a successor to the Lamborghini Huracán.

In April 2024, Lamborghini released the Huracán SJ as the final variant.

The Temerario, a cutting-edge successor to the Huracán, is set to revolutionise the automotive industry with its advanced technology and electrification.

Boasting a 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine and a plug-in hybrid system, the Temerario delivers an astounding 800hp combined and promises an exhilarating driving experience.

The engine will rev’ to 10,000rpm.

It will achieve blistering acceleration and lap times.

Its aggressive yet sophisticated design is inspired by the Lambo’s flagship, the Revuelto.

It is the signature Lamborghini wedge shape with sharp angles.

It has active aerodynamics and an Aerodinamica Attiva system.

The sustainable interior uses recycled plastics, plant-based leather, and renewable fabrics.

Its anticipated release is August 2024, making it a 2025 model year.

Traditionally, Lamborghini names its cars after bulls; however, if you translate Temerario into English, it means Reckless.

It is said that Recklessness is the twin brother of Bravery.

Recklessness behind the wheel is when your heart says, ‘Floor it,’ and your brain asks, ‘Are you insane?

Somebody in Lamborghini’s PR department didn’t think that one through.