The Nobleman’s Nibbio

The Ghia Nibbio II was a record-breaking car built by Giovanni Lutani in 1955, fitted with a Moto Guzzi motorcycle, equipped with a body by Ghia and designed by Giovanni Savonuzzi.

The Nibbio, built in 1956, was fitted with a 350cc, single-cylinder Moto Guzzi motorcycle engine.

It sported independent four-wheel suspension and was aerodynamically designed by referencing the impact of the wind tunnel at the Turin Polytechno.

The Nibbio was introduced to the public in April 1956 at the Salone Torino.

It also set the international 350cc speed record at Monza, reaching a speed of 81mph.

The Nibbio was built for Count Gianni Lurani Savonuzzi, an Italian nobleman.

Count Gianni was also a renowned engineer and pre-war racing driver.

He competed in many racing events, including Le Mans and the Mille Miglia.

During the war, he used his engineering and design talents to become an Aero Engineer, specifically in aerodynamics and mechanical engineering.

After the war, he became a motorsport author and journalist and played a significant role in developing Formula Junior racing.

He also built his own lightweight single-seat racing car, the Monoposto Lurani, for the Formula Junior championship.

The Formula Junoir championship became immensely popular and helped launch many Formula 1 drivers.

As to the Nibbio, ‘It was ‘so sleek it makes the wind jealous.’

The Ghia Nibbio II remains a notable design study, showcasing innovation and a willingness to push boundaries in the automotive world.