The End of an Era

The last Audi R8 isn’t just a car it’s the symbol of the end of an era.

Proof that dreams can be parked in your garage.

It’s hard to imagine that the first iteration of this wonderful motor car was in 2008.

Now, the R8 has a reprieve.

Audi intended that the R8 would exit its rule in 2023, but that final farewell has been shunted to the end of March 2024, a bittersweet moment.

One hack recently scribed, ‘It’s a celebratory nod to an era when cars were measured by the pulse, they sent racing through the driver’s veins.’

What prompted this stay of execution? It may be the cry from the diehard petrolheads, God bless you, or the American market sales doubling in 2023 over 2022.

Whatever the reason, the roar and spitting of that V10 was more orchestra than engine, a sound soon to be replaced by automotive silence.

A design icon adored by its owners, envied by its competitors, and never to be replaced.

I strongly recommend you watch the video, ‘The Last Lap’, if only to remind you of what we are losing.


It is said that driving an R8 is like being on a first date with adrenaline.

I can only imagine.