Super, Hyper: Million, Billion

As far as I know, no official trade terms categorise Supercars or Hypercars.

When you hear supercar, you know that the motor car is unique, a rarity, even exotic, but when you hear hypercar, you know that motor car is at the pinnacle of hierarchy.

There are four main criteria for categorising super and hypercars: Performance, Price, Design, and Scarcity.

Hypercars are a step above supercars and surpass supercars with performance, design, price, and exclusivity.

Hypercars push the boundaries of supercars. In other words, hypercars take the potential of supercars to another level.

The top speeds of hypercars will be higher than those of supercars simply because of their commitment to doing what the law of physics states is impossible.

Aesthetically, hypercars must be worthy of a magazine centrefold or wall poster, so stunning that no one judges you for staring endlessly.

Whatever is declared to be the most ludicrous and insane motor car ever to roll off a production line will have the moniker Hypercar.

And sometimes exclusiveness defies logic. When Bugatti launched the Veyron, it sold for over $1 million, yet it cost nearly five times that to build.

In conclusion:

While a hypercar is a supercar, not all supercars are considered a hypercar.

A billionaire can be a millionaire, but not all millionaires are considered billionaires.

You get my drift?