The Ugly Duckling

Bugatti, a French hypercar maker, is known for producing some of the finest high-performance luxury cars since 1909.

All Bugatti’s are ultra-rare and produced in very limited numbers in the company’s factory in Molsheim, France.

Bugatti is known for producing some of the world’s fastest, exclusive, and aesthetically breathtaking motor cars.

Ettore Bugatti was an Italian-born French motor car manufacturer known for his unwavering pursuit of excellence.

However, ‘there once was an ugly duckling’ produced in 1923; let me introduce you to the Bugatti Type 32.

Often known as the Bugatti Tank or Tank de Tours.

To say it was a unique design is an understatement.

It was one of the first cars to experiment with aerodynamics; the streamlined body was positively revolutionary for its time.

The Tank was created to compete in the French Grand Prix; sadly, despite its sleek style, it was not terribly successful, a great disappointment for Mr Bugatti.

Although the Tank wasn’t the run-away success Ettore had hoped for, the innovation and impact of the aerodynamics still hold today.

Since its inception in 1909, Bugatti has only ever built 8,000 motorcars. For context, Ferrari exceed that number in a year.

As to the ugly duckling, we all know how that story panned out.