Porsche and the 1,512 Heures du Mans

The 24 Hours of Le Mans, named initially the Grand Prix de Vitesse et d’Endurance, is, indubitably, the world’s best-known car race.

The winner of Le Mans is the car that has covered the greatest distance in 24 hours. In comparison, the car wins a fixed-distance race with the minimum time.

The famous race has been run annually since 1923, with few exceptions at the Sarthe road-racing circuit near Le Mans.

The Circuit de la Sarthe combines closed public roads and a permanent racetrack.

Drivers and cars must endure through day and night, adding an extra twist (forgive the pun).

Each team typically consists of three drivers who take turns driving throughout the race, demanding a unique level of teamwork, strategy, and endurance from the drivers.

The team with the most overall victories at Le Mans is Porsche, with 19 wins, Audi with 13, Ferrari with 10 (having won the 2023 race, their first since 1965), and Audi with 13 wins.

Porsche also achieved the most consecutive wins with seven victories in succession from 1981 to 1987.

Many technologies now standard in road cars, such as disc brakes and aerodynamic features, were first developed and tested at Le Mans.

Success in Le Mans is also a powerful marketing tool.

Manufacturers can engage with enthusiasts and build a loyal customer base by participating in this renowned race.

Leading to increased brand loyalty and customer retention.

Porsche has been the only carmaker represented at the 24 Hours of Le Mans for the past 63 years, or 1,512 Heures.

Le Mans, as a race,  embodies the spirit of endurance, innovation, and the pursuit of excellence in motorsport.

Long may it continue.