Not for Sale

07 July 2023

Formula One chief executive Stefano Domenicali has revealed that F1 teams are refusing offers of ‘almost billions’ from potential investors.

Spotico recently produced a study about the dramatic increase in the value of F1 teams.

F1 Team Values 2023: Not surprisingly, Ferrari is on top at US$3.13 billion.

The average team value UK$1.5 billion.

Mercedes’s valuation is US$2.7 billion, and Red Bull’s at US$2.42 billion.

McLaren, Aston Martin and Alpine are both valued at over US$1 billion.

Haas is the least valuable team at US$100 million.

I am curious to know how the values are calculated; I do know that only Mercedes and Ferrari showed a noteworthy profit in 2022.

Whilst Aston Martin, McLaren, and Williams reported losses.

Ferrari receives a US$100 million ‘heritage payment’ per season due to their long-standing presence in the sport and impressive track record as the most successful team in F1 history.

For context, in 2022, McLaren was valued at UK£560million.

Reports surfaced earlier this year that indicate Red Bull might be looking to sell their sister team, AlphaTauri. 

This rumour was dismissed; AlphaTauri will remain wholly owned by Red Bull and continue running as a junior team.

Any thoughts on why the teams are reluctant to sell with such potential gains on offer?