The Prancing Kangaroo

07 July 2023

William F Harrah was one the most well-known casino operators on the Las Vegas Strip.

William moved in glitzy circles, his friends included, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jnr and Judy Garland. He was also briefly married to country singer Bobby Gentry in 1969, one of his seven wives.

I digress; William collected 1,500 vehicles during his life and was an important client for the prestige car market.

History has it that one of Williams’s mechanics managed to crash his 1969 Ferrari 365 GT+2.

William approached Enzo Ferrari and asked if he would build a bespoke four-wheel-drive vehicle for him; you can guess the response.

So, William took matters into his own hands; he arranged for a team of his own engineers to fit the front end of his Ferrari 365 to the drive train and rear end of a Jeep Wagoneer.

No points in guessing the name of his creation. The Jerrari.

A four-wheel drive vehicle capable of 125 mph.

To add insult to injury, William replaced the famous Ferrari Prancing Horse emblem with his own crest.

A Prancing Kangaroo.