Eye of the Beholder

07 July 2023

CEO of the Italian electric vehicle start-up, Aehra, Hazim Nada, believes that the European premium car market is not ready for Chinese or American luxury iterations.

Based on this belief, they exhibited their SUV in November of 2022.

The new model is a saloon; both are scheduled to be market ready by 2026 but will offer a pre-order service in 2024.

They have a very optimistic production plan; by 2027, they plan to build 25,000 of each model.

Regarding funding for the project, they are considering contract production and revamping an existing or new plant, but that would require Italian state financing.

As to design, Aehra’s doctrine is that form must always follow function.

A company spokesperson said, ‘With the Aehra sedan, we have the boldness to go even further and fully exploit the exceptional design freedom born out of our founder Hazim Nada’s philosophy and vision.’

I know design is subjective. Nonetheless, I would like to know valued readers’ views.