No Pink only Red

09 June 2023

How did you instantly know the picture is a Ferrari?

Because it is RED.

It won’t surprise you to know that the history of car colour associations is from the early days of motor racing.

In 1900 the first colours were allotted at the Gordon Bennett Cup, a race between Paris and Lyon in France on public roads.

France, Blue. Belgium, Yellow. Germany, White, and the US, Red.

In 1902 when Britain joined, they picked Shamrock Green, which became British Racing Green. All the ‘Union Flag’ colours had been previously allocated.

When Italy won the Peking to Paris race, they adopted Rosso Corsa. In 1934 German cars were bare metal and became the Silver Arrows.

Sponsorship changed things slightly as the sponsors often wanted their liveries used.

But primarily, the distinct colours of a particular country still exist today.

Back to red and Ferrari, the Italians believe Rosso Corsa (Racing Red) signifies love and passion, the underlying emotions that build Grand Prix cars.

Enzo Ferrari believed that the historic international colour of Italian racing cars is red, representing Ferrari’s very lifeblood.

Interestingly, Ferrari has a brand rule; No Pink.