The DB12 and the Aids Foundation

09 June 2023

Aston Martin DB12 has been revealed with a 671 hp, AMG V8 and a top speed of 202 mph.

Even without a V12, the Aston Martin DB12 produces more power than the Aston Martin DB11.

Aston Martin is so proud of its latest motor car that it describes it as ‘the world’s first super tourer’ and ‘the most complete and accomplished DB model’ in its history.

Bold claims. Although, I don’t know what they mean.

It seems the most significant change, apart from using a smaller engine, is the ‘massive driver-centric centre console.’

I must ask the marketing department to provide a thesaurus of the latest motoring synonyms.

Back to the story, in less than two days of the launch, Aston sold the very first DB12 at a Cannes auction in aid of The Foundation for AIDS Research.

The new owner will have the first DB12, and the engine cover will carry the signatures of Lance Stroll and Fernando Alonso.

Lawrence Stroll said, ‘DB12 and the unique ultra-luxury and high-performance aspects of this model elevate it well beyond the current GT category.’

Explanations welcome.

The car sold for more than Aston had expected.

£1.3 million.