Mercedes play Scrabble

30 March 2023

On the one hand, there are mixed messages from Mercedes, Toto and his PR machine indicating a concept change but really, at this part of the season.

The changes will need to be radical if Team Mercedes are to make up the half-minute required to become close to victory.

Who knows the real reason for the disappointing start to the season? Assuming they are using the same engine as Aston Martin, it would appear the problem is aerodynamic.

The sidepods have been the centre of numerous discussions, but it is likely the correct design balance between the floorpan, sidepods and the car’s rear end.

Toto delivers an enthusiastic overview but faced with budget restrictions and, more importantly, Father Time, I can’t imagine ‘the fix’ is short term.

To quote Toto, ‘I think we’re making big elephant steps at the moment, going forward. It’s going to be a long time until they are adequate to challenge Red Bull, but it’s a super-fun journey to climb back.’

I am not convinced that George and Lewis think it is fun.