David v Goliath

30 March 2023

What do Derek Bell, Jackie Stewart, Jackie Oliver and Jonathan Palmer have in common?

They all crafted their trade in a Marcos.

Marcos was founded in Dolgellau, North Wales, in 1959, by Speedex cars’ Jem Marsh with aerodynamicist Frank Costin.

Jem Marsh and Frank Costin took the first three letters of their surnames to devise a name for the new company.

Marcos became known for their wood chassis and beautiful fibreglass skin.

Frank Costin had worked on the de Havilland Mosquito fighter bombers and got the idea to use plywood for the chassis.

The UK car industry has spawned several dominant marques, Aston Martin, Jaguar and a number that created a market stir but, for one reason or another, disappeared into the ether.

Marcos, sadly was one such motor car. Although starting significantly, they ran into fiscal difficulties, especially in the export market; the brand went into liquidation, started up and then folded two more times.

There is still a cult following, and so there should be, primarily due to its David taking on Goliath history on and off the racetrack.