F1 Snippets

30 March 2023

✺ Plans for new British-based F1 team revealed.

✺ Adrian Newey’s Red Bull future discussed with a contract ‘up for renewal’.

✺ Aston Martin suffers ‘leak of engineers.

✺ Williams: The second-most improved F1 car in 2023 is a ‘nice surprise’.

✺Equal-gender racing team plots F1 entry in 2026.

✺ Porsche puts F1 entry on hold as McLaren’s idea also leads nowhere.

✺ Mercedes knew the limits of the W14 F1 car concept before Bahrain.

✺McLaren lands senior Aston F1 aerodynamicist amid aggressive recruitment push.

✺Williams is not wedded to Mercedes for the 2026 F1 engine supply.

✺ Ferrari will lose Sauber to Audi in 2026, and thus an extra supply will be available from Maranello.