El Migaro to the Rescue

23 March 2023

The Pan-American race was inaugurated in 1950 and was the most demanding and challenging race in history.

The race leader was Umberto Maglioli driving a rare Ferrari 375 Pus, which spouted an oil leak at the most crucial time.

Umberto, in the middle of nowhere, had no choice but to stop; fortunately, there was a small workshop, El Migaro.

El Magiro was owned and operated by Renato Martinez, who confirmed Umberto’s Ferrari leaked the crankcase.

Renato explained that he had a miracle cure using only a bucket of water and soap.

The method was simplicity itself. It involved massaging soap into the crack in the crankcase, and as it ‘hardens off’, it prevents oil leakage.

The significance was much greater than the miracle cure; not only did Mr Maglioli finish the race in the first place, but most importantly, it put Ferrari into the American market, which had been eluding Ferrari, and quite probably saved the Prancing Horse from bankruptcy.

Shortly after, Renato received a photograph of the repair signed. To my friend Renato from Umberto Maglioli.

The photograph also included a letter: Renato, The Mexican Miracle that helped Ferrari.

The name on the notelet was none other than Enzo Ferrari.