McLaren Artura

Market Find: The Unfair Advantage

• The new McLaren Artura has a Twin-turbocharged 3.0 litre V6, and an Eight-speed gearbox and produces 671 bhp, it uses McLaren’s new Carbon Lightweight Architecture, and the Inertia Push transmission swaps gears so quickly that the engine doesn’t have a chance to reduce in speed.

Market View

‘When driven as a whole, it’s an enriched McLaren experience for the changes that the Artura has undergone. The electric motors make the power delivery much more linear, far more predictable than its predecessors, and certainly than the manic GT. The new chassis and suspension setup are intuitive, and the electric diff’ feels like something honed over decades rather than a first try.’

• Availability is, understandably, very limited.

I have been notified of a new car obtainable in the next few days.

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