Jaguar SS

Market Find: The Unfair Advantage

‘The Jaguar SS was one of the fastest and best-handling sports cars of its day.’

• Widely considered one of the most aesthetically pleasing sporting cars of the 1930s, the SS is also very rare.

• In September 1935, SS launched their most advanced and significant new car, the first to carry the name, Jaguar, though then not as the brand but as a model name.

• It was on an SS100 that the famous Jaguar ‘leaper’, the marque’s signature feline bonnet mascot, was first displayed.

• In the near future, an extremely rare Jaguar SS will be brought to the market.

• This particular motor car has excellent provenance – it has been displayed at numerous festivals and Concours events; it has been highly commended at countless rallies.

• This distinct motor car was invited to exhibit at ‘The World’s Rarest Car Display.

It is thought to be one of only two.

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