Jaguar E-Type. 61 Miles

Market Find: The Unfair Advantage

As Enzo Ferrari famously said, ‘ the most beautiful car ever made, and it is difficult to disagree.’

• Designed by Malcolm Sayer, a pioneer of automotive aerodynamics, who also designed the Jaguar D-Type.

• The Jaguar E-Type is one of those rare cars that will always get hearts pumping; the throaty, raw engine still ignites passions today, as it did when first revealed to the public 63 years ago.

• I am delighted to introduce this stunning Jaguar E-Type Series 1, 4.2 Fixed Head Coupé.

• Écurie Écosse is the inspiration for this particular stunning E – Type Series 1, finished in Écurie Écosse Blue, complimented with a Mulberry Jaguar interior hide.

• This 61-mile motor car is being brought to the market shortly.

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