Il Mantovano Volante and the Turtle

Tazio Nuvolari made the ‘four-wheel-drift’ an art form.

Such was his driving prowess; Tazio is mentioned with the same admiration as Fangio and Ayrton Senna.

He was the master of wet weather racing, his skill and bravery were renown, this talent allowed him victories over far more competitive machinery.

He was multi-talented, competing in GP, Endurance, Rallies, and even motorcycle racing.

His Endurance racing success included victories in the Targa Floria and the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

He won 92 races in a racing car and 69 on a motorbike.

One of his most famous races was the 1935 German GP, in which he defeated the much more powerful Mercedes and Auto Union cars.

Tazio once said, ‘he wanted to die at the wheel of a racing car.’ Such was his passion, talent, and bravery.

When he died in 1953 from a stroke, over 55,000 people attended his funeral in Mantua.

He didn’t drive cars; he tamed them.

He wore an embroidered ‘good luck’ turtle on his overalls.

Known as Il Mantovano Volante (The Flying Mantuan).

When Nuvolari was told to slow down, he would reply, ‘My car can’t hear you over the sound of Victory.’

His secret for winning. ‘I just pretend the finish line is a plate of pasta waiting for me.’