If you gotta’ ask….

It would be fair to say that the Pagani Huayra R, at north of £2.8 million (before tax), is probably out of most people’s price range.

However, a simulator ‘inspired’ by the Huayra R has arrived.

The dictionary definition of inspired is, ‘mentally you are stimulated to do or feel something,’ and I understand the simulator achieves this in abundance.

This is not a free or low-cost SIM; Pagani, who partnered with simulator specialists Racing Unleashed, created this’ mental stimulus’.

To add to the whole Pagani experience, you can only order the simulator through an official Pagani dealer.

For even greater realism, the pedals, the seat and the steering wheel are the real thing.

Initially, it was limited to Huayra R owners.

Pagani’s Franco Morsino said, ‘Our ambition was to transform it into a true object of design, a product with artistic value destined to occupy a prominent place within the homes of Huayra R owners.’

How selfish!

Well, now the rest of us can buy one. I decided to try to find the price.

The response I received was, ‘If you gotta ask, you probably can’t afford one’.

How true!