Happy Birthday Christian

15 September 2022

Initially, in celebration of Christian von Koenigsegg’s 50th birthday, only 50 CC850s were to be produced.

The CC850 is a homage to the single most meaningful car in Koenigsegg history, the CC8S, which put Koenigsegg on the map and made them successful – and celebrating 20 years of production alongside Christian’s 50th birthday seemed apt.

However, the Swedish supercar company is adding a further run of 20 cars to complement the 50 examples that sold out during Monterey Car Week.

Christian recently stated, ‘that demand for the CC850 was so high at Monterey that not even some of Koenigsegg’s most loyal buyers had a chance at getting an allocation, much less fewer customers new to the brand.’

Koenigsegg asked a handful of ‘long-term clients’ with allocations whether they would be happy if CC850 production numbers were raised, allowing others to enjoy ownership.

The same twin-turbo 5.0-litre V8 capable of producing a 1385 hp engine from the Jesko powers the CC850, one of the fastest revving engines ever made; it’s so well-balanced it doesn’t even require a flywheel! The CC8S debuted at the 2000 Paris Auto Show with its dihedral doors and was more than a novelty item. The CC8S was an award winner, including the Guinness World Record for the Most Powerful Production Engine. As the CC8S introduced a range of new technology, the CC850 introduced Koenigsegg’s Engage Shift System (ESS). A gearbox that functions as a gated six-speed manual with a clutch pedal. Or a nine-speed automatic depending on the driver’s preference.

Whatever next?