Round Door Rolls

15 September 2022

With the Silver Ghost, introduced in 1907, Rolls- Royce had set new standards in build quality and reliability. For over 15 years, the 40/50 Silver Ghost was the only model on offer.

In May of 1925, Rolls-Royce launched the New Phantom (today known as Phantom I).

With increasing competition from the likes of Hispano-Suiza, a power boost was the logical upgrade. As stated in good Rolls-Royce tradition, ‘the power was sufficient; I believe the Phantom I developed around 100 bhp.

Custom coachbuilding of the 1920s and 1930s was the ultimate form of self-expression for the rich and famous.

The Jonckheere Phantom, or ‘Round Door Rolls’ commonly referred to, had unique, large round doors that operate flawlessly and allow passengers into either row of seating. As attractive as round doors may seem, they did, however, present an issue for operating windows. The solution was to fabricate a two-piece window that simultaneously split like scissors down into the door.

At nearly 20 feet in length, it could very well be the largest 2-door coupé. Unfortunately, a few years later, the Jonckheere records were destroyed in a fire, and it remains unknown who commissioned or designed this one-off masterpiece.