David Brown’s Latest Creation Is Art On Wheels

The British company David Brown Automotive has built their Speedback Silverstone Edition, a retro-styled coupé designed to look like a present-day Aston Martin DB5. The Speedback uses the discontinued Jaguar XKR, with a build time of more than 8,000 hours and numerous bespoke options.

This latest line of limited-edition Silverstone Editions reminds the continued appeal of the now-iconic Speedback shape. It acts as a fitting tribute to the heritage of Silverstone, which is also the home of the David Brown Automotive HQ.

So far, only one is built of the ten scheduled motor cars. The vehicle uses a supercharged 5.0-litre V8 derived from the Jaguar XKR. This engine produced 601 hp with a six-speed automatic transmission driving the rear wheels through an active rear differential. It can get to 60 mph in 4.2 seconds; an engine speed limiter set at 155mph.

The ‘Speedback Silverstone’ Edition is track-tuned but more as an iconic GT than an out and out sports car, designed for long-distance travel but with the added power and a dynamic suspension.

More at home on the European Grand Tour than the racetrack. A motor car with elegance combined with agility.

The first car is for a client in Asia. Its aluminium bodywork is hand-painted in Metallic Black and took more than eight weeks to complete; the interior is bedecked with handcrafted Oyster Grey hide.

The new owner of the first Speedback has selected the David Brown Automotive’s picnic set located in the boot; the set includes a custom wool blanket, leather whisky bottle holder, and leather-trimmed flasks.

Founder and CEO David Brown describes this specific vehicle as ‘the crystallisation of what David Brown Automotive stands for. Emotive, timelessly stylish motor cars that marry bespoke coachbuilding techniques and high build quality with modern performance and an exhilarating, affecting driving experience.’