Lamborghini Monterossa Speedster is a crazy open-top Supercar

The Monterossa is based on a Gallardo and is available in a limited number of 15 units only and designed for those amongst you that require more from a standard Lamborghini.

DRVN Concepts of California might have built the coolest open-top Lamborghini yet, and it’s called the Monterossa Speedster. This unique supercar draws inspiration from motorcycles and weighs in at just 2,808-pounds with near-perfect power to weight ratio of 4.6 lbs per horsepower.

DRVN confirmed that the speedster weighs just 2,808 lbs, which is more than 100 lbs lighter than the donor Gallardo Super Trofeo Stradale.

Power still comes from the factory 5.2L V10 generating 562 hp.

This open-top nil-windscreen strategy leads to a driving experience that is engaging and somewhat terrifying at the same time. A naked engine bay with mechanical bits visible gives the Monterossa a menacing look.

The limited custom supercar comes after sacrificing several body parts to give the modified car a distinctive, highly aggressive appearance. The Monterossa is probably the most potent dose of the Italian supercar available globally.

DRVN Concepts said, ‘This combination creates a stark contrast between the smooth, sexy, surfacing at the front of the vehicle and the vicious V10, suspension, exhaust, and components at the rear.’