Daddies Aggressive Girls.

The Nilu27 is a new hypercar brand founded by Sasha Selipanov, formerly of Koenigsegg and Bugatti and known for designing the Chiron and Gemera.

Nilu’s first car will feature a naturally aspirated V12 engine, avoiding turbocharging and electrification for an analogue driving experience.

The ethos is to build beautiful and brutal hypercars, engaging the senses emotionally.

The debut car will have an aggressive design with gullwing doors, exposed suspension, a triple exhaust outlet, and a curved rear wing.

Scheduled to be unveiled on August 15th, 2024, at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance during Monterey Car Week.

It is anticipated to have a four-figure horsepower output, following the trend of Selipanov’s previous powerful creations.

Selipanov said: ‘My team and I can finally explore quintessential automotive themes without the limitations commonly imposed by the industry or preconceived commitments to technology.’

A public statement from Nilu27: ‘Unfazed by digitalisation, electrification and other distractions, we’re focusing on the ultimate automotive experience with a healthy dose of holy s***’ mixed in for good measure.’

The brand’s name combines the first names of Selipanov’s two daughters, Nica and Lucia.