A Mathematical Opera Singer

Pierro always looked like he had a secret plan, maybe because he usually did. And it was usually a very good one’ – Juan Manuel Fangio.

Piero Taruffi was named ‘The Silver Fox’ due to his distinctive silver hair and strategic prowess in racing.

His notable head of silver or grey hair stood out in the racing world, earning him the ‘Silver part of the nickname.

Known for his sharp and cunning racing strategies, he often outsmarted competitors with keen intellect and meticulous planning.

Taruffi’s extensive knowledge and experience in racing contributed to his reputation for making intelligent decisions under pressure, earning him the ‘Fox’ part of the nickname.

The nickname’ Silver Fox’ symbolised his blend of distinctive silver hair and fox-like cunning and intelligence, gaining respect and admiration from peers and fans.

During the 1951 Carrera Panamericana in Mexico, which he won with Luigi Chinetti in a Ferrari 212 Inter, the Mexican press dubbed him ‘El Zorro Plateado’ (The Silver Fox) due to his silver hair.

At age 50, he achieved his lifelong ambition of winning the Mille Miglia in 1957, showcasing the perseverance and craftiness associated with his nickname.

1957 was the last year the Mille Miglia was held in its original form due to serious safety issues.

Pierro authored ‘The Technique of Motor Racing,’ an influential book in motorsport.

The nickname highlighted his clever approach to racing, meticulous preparation, memorising racecourses, and using shrewd tactics for success.

‘Taruffi drove like he was writing a mathematical equation, yet he had the charm of an Italian opera singer. A rare combination on and off the track’ – Stirling Moss