Asphalt into Poetry

A Porsche 911: Because subtlety never looked this good.

The Porsche 911 that Porsche claimed would never be electrified.

In 2023, Porsche stated that a purely electric 911 would not happen this decade, so an EV is not coming during the 992 generation. 

The 911 will be the brand’s last car with a combustion engine, which Porsche hopes will be revived thanks to its investments in synthetic fuels.

However, it now looks as though the Porsche 911 facelift, the 992.2, will be fitted with the Hybrid power source provided to the Taycan Turbo GT, linked to its internal combustion engine.

I know I am a bit of a dinosaur, but I still think of the 911 as an air-cooled masterpiece, where every outing was a symphony of pistons.

I know, I know—there is too much weight on the rear, and too little on the front, but the reward of eventually mastering the ‘wandering’ back is to behold.

The only reason people buy such a toy is how it makes them feel, and boy, did driving my tail-happy Porkie make me feel good.

I can’t technically justify the early 911s; I guess I should put it down to nostalgia – and the era these cars represent.

Enough history, back to the future: Porsche keeps its cards close to its chest.

Porsche CEO Oliver Blume said, ‘Once again, we are deploying technology in series-production models that we have derived from the world of motorsport.’

Since 1963, Porsche has been turning asphalt into poetry.

With that in mind I am confident that the next iteration will be greater than the last.