A Passport to Speed

I hadn’t appreciated until recently that Ferrari has named numerous of their wonderful motor cars geographically.

♖ California: The 1958 250 GT California and the more recent 2008 model.

♖ Europa: The 1954 Europa for the European Montagna Championship.

♖ Fiorano: The 2006 Fiorano, named after the Ferrari’s test track, Pista di Fiorano.

♖ Italia: The 458 Italia, named after the country, 

♖ Le Mans: The Le Mans, about the LM 499P and Ferrari’s 1949 debut at Le Mans.

♖ Maranello: The 1966 550 Maranello.

♖ Mexico: The 1952 340 Mexico entered the 1952 Carrera Panamericana in Mexico.

♖ Modena: The 1999 360 Modena and also Enzo Ferrari’s birthplace.

♖ Monza: Named after the Autodromo Nazionale Monza racing circuit, more recently the open-top SP1 and SP2.

♖ Pista: The 2018 488 Pista (Pista means track).

♖ Portofino: The 2017 Portofino is named after an Italian Riviera fishing port.

♖ Roma: The 2019 Roma is named after Italy’s capital city.

♖ Venice: The 1999 456GT Venice, a five-door estate car built for Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei.

‘Ferrari’s naming department travels more than their cars do.’