You know, what’s his Name

06 December 2022

The history of the Grand Prix has always been an amalgam of driver and car; over the years, producing any number of spectacular vehicles and prominent characters, heroes, and dangerous men, and with that notoriety, many carry nicknames.

• Alain Prost: The Professor

• Ayrton Senna: Silvastone and Magic Senna

• Daniel Ricciardo: The Honey Badger

• Fernando Alonso: Teflonso 

• Graham Hill: Mr Monaco

• James Hunt: Hunt the Shunt

• Juan Manuel Fangio: El Maestro

• Kimi Räikkönen: The Iceman

• Lewis Hamilton: Billion Dollar Man

• Max Verstappen: Mad Max

• Michael Schumacher: Schumi, or The Red Baron

• Nico Rosberg: Britney

• Nigel Mansell: Il Leone, Red Five or Our Nige’

• Niki Lauda: The Rat

• Sebastian Vettel: The Finger