Who Pays the Piper?

22 July 2022

During Le Mans Classic Race 2022, a particular Austrian driver, Lukas Halusa crashed it into a wall. The good news is the driver was unhurt, and the Ferrari 250 GT ‘Breadvan’ is salvageable. However, there is no guarantee that the manufacturer will be able to fix it or even want to.

With an estimated value of about £25 million, you might think anyone behind the wheel of the classic Ferrari would be exceptionally careful. However, in Europe, drivers push their cars during historic races meaning collisions like this are inevitable.

Many enthusiasts think it’s worse for these cars to sit in a museum, moved only occasionally at low speeds while being treated as if they were glass.

To make matters worse, this particular vehicle is not one you can ship to Ferrari HQ for repairs.

As previously reported, this particular 250 GT Breadvan is truly unique.

The Breadvan was the result of a major feud between company founder Enzo Ferrari and Italian aristocrat Count Giovanni Volpi.

Volpi had angered Enzo by poaching some leading staff from Ferrari, so any request for factory assistance request was denied.

Now for the current predicament, because of its bespoke design, Ferrari doesn’t have the plans or measurements required to repair it. The Prancing Horse could probably
fix the steering and suspension, but now the Piper has to be Paid.