Horacio drives a Tesla

22 July 2022

According to Autocar, Pagani Abandons EV Research To Focus On V12 Supercars.

Horacio Pagani has disputed this statement and said that the company would continue to invest in researching and developing an electric car, the research for which began in 2018.

It appears that Pagani’s research established that its supercar would require a battery with a weight of 1,322 pounds, which, according to Autocar, is more than half the entire weight of the Huayra R’s on-the-road weight. If this is so, Horacio believes ‘that EVs are too heavy for supercars and lack driving emotion.’

Horacio bought a Tesla to understand the EV concept more fully; his view is that an electric supercar should be more than raw performance; it lacks the intensity and involvement of the internal combustion engine.

I understand that Pagani will continue to use Mercedes-Benz sourced engines until 2026. It will use the V12 engine in the yet-to-be formally named Pagani C10, scheduled for a 12 September 2022 debut.

The EU recently announced that it would extend the deadline for supercar makers to switch to zero-emission powertrains from 2029 to 2035. It allowed Pagani, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and the like more time to develop the models leading to a lighter, more efficient battery technology, making it considerably more viable for supercars.