What have Top Gun and F1 in common?

27 October 2022

A new film is to be made based around the F1, with Brad Pitt playing the part of a veteran F1 driver who mentors promising young drivers.

Previous attempts to make such a film were rebuffed by Bernie Ecclestone when he was Chief Executive of the Formula One Group. However, he relented reluctantly and agreed to allow Sylvester Stallone to make an F1 film, but the deal collapsed.

The last time a GP film was at the 1976 Grand Prix in Spain set, interestingly with Bernie Ecclestone’s Brabham racing team in the starring role.

Back to the present, the new film is to be produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, directed by Joseph Kosinski and screenplay by Ehren Kruger, all of whom were involved with the Top Gun franchise.

Lewis Hamilton will be a producer, and his manager Penni Thow is also believed to be involved.

A meeting of minds was held at the recent F1 in Austin, Texas; the discussion focused on the demonstration of the filming technology and, in particular, how Top Gun: Maverick used CGI to create real-life action footage.