Wanna catch a Speeder?

29 April 2022

Artificial Intelligence takes another leap forward in the armoury of tools to slow the speed of enthusiastic motorists.

A new ‘app’, Speedcam Anywhere, has been recently launched, which allows any member of the public with the app on their phone to provide evidence of speeding drivers.

Since the introduction in March, the developers have started to hide their identities. Due to a very negative and scathing response from a considerable number of motorists who argue that we are turning into a Surveillance State.

The other side of the equation argues that they are hopeful that the police will be encouraged to take speeding more seriously by enabling the public to document potential speeding offences in their environment.

‘A user of the app opens it when they hear a speeding car approaching and films the car passing. The app uses the number plate of the passing car to search the DVLA’s public registration database to find the make and model of the car. It determines the distance between the car’s axles and compares it with the footage to calculate the speed.’

The user can save the video or generate a report to share with the authorities.

The app cannot lead to drivers receiving speeding tickets, as Speedcam Anywhere’s algorithm has not been vetted or approved by the Home Office.

The developers have conceded and said they could appreciate it as a bit of a Marmite app!