Man reunited with stolen Vette after 33 Years.

29 April 2022

Mr George Talley had his prized Corvette stolen in Detroit in 1981.

In 2014, when George was 71, he received a call from the American Automobile Association explaining that the Corvette had been found less than 600 miles from Detroit and was sitting in a police station in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

Although this outcome seems incredible, how could such a situation occur? George verified the car missing, and the police lodged a ‘missing vehicle’ report. In such cases, the police rarely expect the vehicle to turn up. By chance, the disappeared vehicle file was left open.

The highwayman who had used the car for 33 years had carefully looked after it and had driven it regularly, thus a 47,000 extra miles. As is now known, the Vette ended up in Mississippi, where it remained until a VIN discrepancy caused suspicion within the local registration service. After running the correct VIN through the system, the agency immediately realised it was a stolen car.

As can only be imagined, George Talley must have been euphoric.

General Motors, which owns Chevrolet, offered to pick it up and returned it to a jubilant Mr Talley.

Chevrolet has recently introduced a New Global Tagline – ‘Find New Roads’, not sure that George Talley approved.