Ugo and his Bicycle

In 1992, when the world was becoming more eco-aware, Fiat invited a handful of design houses to submit a design to coincide with the launch of their Cinquecento.

Zagato took the prize; they designed the Fiat Cinquecento Z-Eco, also lovingly known as the Zeco.

Much like Centaur, half man and half horse, the little Zeco is designed to be half car and half bike carrier.

The seating for the car bit was a two-seat tandem style arrangement.

This somewhat unconventional design, even by Zagato’s standards, was their attempt at providing a solution for the environmentally friendly.

The reaction to this modern-day Centaur was a somewhat mixed reaction, falling somewhere between fascination mixed with curiosity and safety issues.

For sure, the little Zeco was the source of much conversation.

As Ugo Zagato once said, ‘Great designs don’t come from wanting to produce a good shape.’