The Yew Tree and the Hidden Meaning

Mr Lawrence Stroll’s syndicate, Yew Tree Consortium, recently purchased a further 3.27 per cent of Aston Martins shares.

Chairman Stroll said, ‘We have rebuilt this iconic company, transforming it into an ultra-luxury brand, with a portfolio of highly desirable, performance-driven cars.’

Shares soared in value due to the latest news; on the day of the announcement, the shares were the second highest rise on the FTSE 250.

Russ Mould, a director of investment platform AJ Bell, feels that Aston could be considering its own acquisition.

He explained that such a share purchase usually triggers one of three outcomes: an intended takeover, a view that the market will revalue the company, or the low share price offers an opportunity.

What I find curious is that Mr. Stroll and his buddies recently purchased a further 26 million ordinary shares and yet sold 42 million shares to Geely in August.

Mr Stroll explained, “This increased investment demonstrates our continuing, long-term commitment to the company, our conviction for the future and the shareholder value the company will deliver.’

I wonder what he was thinking in August.