The World’s First Luxury Hovercraft

 11 April 2022

We are becoming accustomed to modern descriptives, like, Supercar, Hypercar, Megacar and now Supercraft; what next?

American startup VonMercier has ‘launched’ a sporty amphibious vehicle claimed to be the ‘world’s first luxury hovercraft.’

This amphibious beast is named the Arosa; it seems Arosa means, Gentle Awakening; perhaps that will be the reaction as ‘watchers’ see this car emerge from the sea.

The Arosa manufacture is from carbon fibre, a very sleek shape powered by three electric motors producing 88kW, allowing an on-water speed of 45mph and on-land speed of 60mph, which VonMercier claims is the fastest amphibious vehicle ever manufactured. It has a 90-minute battery life allowing the supercraft to ‘float’ seven inches above water and land.

At the front, there are two rotors producing thrust and an independent fan that creates lift. Michael Mercier says the patented advanced directional control will allow easy directional changes, making it the world’s most manoeuvrable hovercraft.

VonMercier believes it will attract car and boat lovers regarding the potential market. Pricing starts at approximately £76,000 plus numerous chargeable options, and due to arrive on the market in the summer of this year, VonMercier has announced they have 180 registered interests.

Mercier plans to produce vehicles for exploration, transportation, and recreation.