The Winners that didn’t Win

Vanwall was a British racing team that made a significant mark in Formula One during the late 50s.

The team was formed by wealthy industrialist Tony Vandervell, who ran a business, Thinwall Bearings.

The team’s name, Vanwall, amalgamates the first part of his surname and part of his company’s name, Thinwall.

The Vanwall victory at the 1957 British Grand Prix marked the first World Championship win for a British car with a British driver since 1923.

The 1958 season was the peak for Vanwall.

They won six out of the eleven championship races that year. Stirling Moss and Tony Brooks shared victories throughout the season.

Various unsuccessful attempts to revive the Vanwall name have been made.

Despite that, an all-electric hyper-hatch, the Vanwall Vandervell, is scheduled to be launched in 2024 — more of that in a future article.

A Unique Fact:

Although Stirling Moss and Tony Brooks won three races each, they never won as a team.

During the 1958 F1 season, Vanwall, by accruing additional points, won the Constructor’s Championship without winning a single race as a team.