F1 Gossip

♖ Carlos Sainz could finally land the Red Bull F1 seat he previously missed out on.

♖ Reports show that Charles Leclerc has signed a new bumper contract with Ferrari. 

♖ Toto Wolff teased unique new elements on Mercedes’ 2024 car.

♖ Pierre Gasly believes he and Alpine have worked well together and laid the foundations for a positive future.

♖ Las Vegas served up one of the most entertaining Grands Prix of the 2023 season.

♖ Nico Rosberg recently hopped back on the F1 simulator to get a taste of the Las Vegas Grand Prix circuit.

♖ Lando Norris has been one of the standout drivers of the 2023 season, standing on the podium at seven different Grands Prix.

♖ Max Verstappen was a vocal critic of the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

♖ FIA are close to announcing an additional Grand Prix on the streets of Madrid for the 2026 season.

♖ Lewis Hamilton is losing his sparkle in more ways than one; he is banned from wearing jewellery in the driving seat.

♖ F1 chiefs confirm SIX sprint weekends on the 2024 calendar.

♖ American outfit Andretti was approved to join by the FIA earlier this month, but that is far from the end of the story. 

♖ Lando Norris loses his temper with the reporter after Max Verstappen is called his best friend.

♖ Lewis Hamilton’s appeal for a race in Africa seems to have fallen on deaf ears with the FIA.

♖ Unless Mercedes pulls a rabbit out of the hat with a much-improved car for 2024, McLaren looks to be the strongest contender.

♖ Verstappen and Alonso are talking about becoming teammates for the 24-hour of Le Mans in 2024.