The Very Posh Leaper

28 April 2023

Jaguar plans to move further up the luxury market, pricing the new range into Bentley territory.

Jaguar, the brand that is ‘Rooted Firmly in Luxury.’

And, of course, they are developing a new platform, ‘Jaguar Electrified Architecture’, with an initial investment of £1 billion.

Additionally, they plan to drastically reduce their UK dealer network from 83 to 20 within two years, all in the name of greater exclusivity.

A little bit of history. 

Jaguar started in 1922 when William Lyons and William Walmsley founded Swallow Sidecar Company; in 1934, Walmsley sold his shares to Mr Lyons, who renamed the S.S. Cars Limited business.

In 1935 the company launched the beautiful SS90 and SS100.

On 23 March 1945, S.S. Cars changed its name to Jaguar Cars Limited.

It is widely accepted now that the SS name change was taken in response to the fact that ‘S.S.’ had become an unsavoury phrase associated with Nazi Germany.

During the late 1940s, the company focused its production on luxury performance vehicles, a market that needed to be tapped.

Following that period, Jaguar produced a raft of unforgettable machinery.

The world was introduced to the XK120, the XK140, the XK150, the C Type, the D Type and what was claimed by Enzo Ferrari to be the most beautiful car in the world, the Jaguar E Type.

The Leaper represents the core values of Jaguar, a performance-focused luxury brand; it constitutes ‘grace, elegance, performance, power, and the ambition to leap forward.’ 

The Leaping Jaguar. A sleek posh silver jaguar cat in mid-leap with a snarl.